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Steel Construction

MCC Group’s experience in steel construction enables us to create functional designs. A functional design, when combined with our expertise, naturally results in an efficient production programme.

Produced steel elements are delivered to site prior to the assembly schedule with the help of our broad network of logistic partners. The key to achieving a short construction time is our ability to design in conjunction, and cooperate with local conditions, moving our managerial staff to sites where necessary.

  • Design

    In all phases of design and production MCC Group uses CAD / CAM solutions. This offers a low error rate at site for clients due to CAD / CAM in the production phase. Steel prefabrication provides uninterrupted production continuity, regardless of weather conditions.

  • Safety Standards

    In Earthquake zones, where seismic loads are important, MCC Group uses steel designs as this is a ductile construction material. Steel has a high deformation feature before collapse. Additionally, the energy absorption capacity, tensile and compressive strength of steel is high. This feature offers great advantages in terms of safety.

    If steel elements are treated and manufactured correctly,  they will continue be as good, years later, as on the first day they were built. While all other structures are at great risk of lightning, steel structures reduce the risk to zero, due to their grounding characteristic. Treated with appropriate techniques, steel structures  are resistant to fire.

    Thus, steel is the first building material of choice, being resistant to humidity, lightning, fire, corrosion, storms and insect infestation.

  • Onsite Construction

    MCC Group’s steel structures are produced rapidly in a factory environment for speed of installation. Steel construction can continue in all weather conditions and use of nut and bolt connections offers rapid assembly on site.

    Certain designs, particularly low level buildings, can be assembled without recourse to scaffolding.

    Façade coverings and other construction elements, such as acoustic and thermal insulation are taken into consideration when designing the building, in order to build to time restrictions.

  • Quality Control

    Knowing the fact that key to success in construction site depends on maintaining a strong quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) system, MCC Group pays particular attention to the production stage. Steel elements are under continuous inspection through all six stages of production.

    • RAW MATERIAL APPROVAL: carried out according to certified and accepted materials
    • PROCESS CONTROL: each part of the production process is monitored and controlled
    • RAW MATERIAL PREPARATION: sand blasting, shop painting
    • PRODUCTION: welding tests are done with ultrasonic and electro magnetic testing devices and x-ray (depending on availability), quantity and size measurement
    • POST PRODUCTION: performance checks upon availability, quantity and size measurement
    • PACKING and LOADING: under monitoring

    MCC Group staff, and independent teams undertake continuous Quality Control inspections, depending on the nature of the job and the client’s request.