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Expandable Mobile Hospitals

Mobile hospitals can provide the solution to insoluble problems.

A Hercules C-130 plane lands in a local airport. Inside the plane are a medical staff and a number of containers. A few hours later, the containers have been transformed into a mobile hospital, where physicians and nurses will find the adequate medical supplies and facilities to deal professionally with the problems on the ground.

It might be a catastrophe area with thousands of wounded and dead people. The swift intervention provided by the mobile hospital will undoubtedly save many people from dying, and prevent epidemics from breaking out. It can assist in developing countries, where comprehensive medical services cease to exist. Compared to a stationary hospital, the mobile hospital units are flexible, easy to construct and installed at a low price.

This is the unique concept of the MCC Mobile Hospital Unit: an inexpensive, effective and flexible solution in a situation where the traditional stationary is of little help. The MCC Mobile Hospital has been developed in close cooperation with highly esteemed international physicians, technicians and hospital equipment manufacturers. MCC Group is in regular consultation with medical experts with experience in Africa, South America and other continents.

The MCC Mobile Hospital programme also includes a worldwide network of agents who will ensure the necessary service to the equipment. Training of the technical staff will be provided in cooperation with local firms, thus securing continuous and effective maintenance.

The advantages of the MCC Mobile Hospital include:

  • Mobility

    The mobile hospital can be transported by ship, railroad, truck, plane or helicopter and is able to reach inaccessible regions. It is robust, light weight and simple to handle with ease of transfer from one place to another in a short time period. A special feature includes the speed at which it can be made ready for transfer to another location and the speed of set up at a new destination.

  • In Case of Catastrophe

    The MCC Group emergency physicians ensure that the mobile hospital meets the high standards of international relief work. With mobile units, relief work can be conducted more effectively. MCC Group can mobilise physicians, nurses and doctors to man the mobile hospital in cases of catastrophe. MCC Group can select the most appropriate hospital unit for rapid transfer in catastrophic circumstances. With the mobile hospital, the emergency staff has the best possible working conditions and thereby the facilities to save more human lives.

  • Technology

    The MCC Group Mobile Hospital is built on a 20′ standard container, according to ISO norms, and is available in two versions. The standard 20′ version has an area of 14 square metres and the telescopic version an ares of 42 square metres. Each unit is furnished with all essential technical installations for water, drainage, electricity, compressed air and air conditioning. The mobile hospital is delivered with an electricity generator and water purification system.

  • Training

    Training and instruction of staff are part of the MCC Group programme. The courses are extensively tailored to the know-how of the future staff. The training encompasses all functions within the hospital, including technical and administrative.

  • Tailor Made System

    Before delivering the mobile hospital, MCC Group will examine the project with the clients to ensure that the units will satisfy the needs. At the same time, arrangements for staff training are made and the establishment of a maintenance programme is created.