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Multispace Trailer Clinics

TMultispace Trailer Clinic (MCC Group)he Multispace Trailer Clinic (MTC) is a fast way to achieve medical support and treatment in a small area. The system can be opened in about 2 minutes and can be deployed and fully operational in less than 15 minutes.

Under deployment on site the unit opens up to about 60 sq metres. A truck can pull the unit and when it arrives at the site it can either work attached to the truck, or it can separate from the truck. The unit is portable as a part of the full trailer and installed as a part of the bogey and the platform. During transportation the different medical equipment is fastened to the fixed elements, specifically, walls, ceiling
and floors.

Generator 60 KVA, water purification, UPS 10kva, air condition, ground junction, 400 litres water tank, and intern communication system. Lead wall around the x-ray room, floor window at the x-ray room, laminar ceiling with HEPA filter in the Laboratory, anti-static floor covering and HPL walls.

The units included in the MTC are as the following:

  • I.C.U with two beds
  • Operating theatre, mobile x-ray
  • Outpatient/Pre-operative bed
  • Outpatient/Post-operative bed
  • Sterilization
  • Staff working area
  • Blood bank
  • Kitchen and toilet for the staff