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Medical Centre Brandenburg

Stationary Hospitals (MCC Group)Client - Municipal Medical Centre Brandenburg Ltd.

Architect - Heinle, Wischer & Partners, Freie Architekten, Performance stages 1 – 9 HOAI


  • Accident and emergency, functions diagnosis, endoscopy
  • Pathology, x-ray diagnosis, surgery, delivery, general care
  • Maternity and newborn care, intensive medicine
  • Central sterile supply department
Project data
  • Competition 1st prize 1997
  • Operational 1st stage December 2002
  • Floor area 7.169 m²
  • Volume gross 66.745 m³

The latest findings in anesthesiology and hospital hygiene have been implemented in the new department of surgery, which has 10 operating suites. The need for intake and output, separate washrooms and other non-central “cells” around the operating theatre have been eliminated in favour of a central working and service area. The plan is now more generous and the flexibility in OP management has been enhanced. The operating theatres have been moved from the dark interior to the front of the structure, enabling doctors and nurses to work in daylight, thereby improving transparency.

There is an obvious need for air quality within an operating theatre, as this impacts on the hygiene of open wounds and exposed instruments. A large ceiling-panel of 3,20 m x 3,20 m generates a displacement stream with poor turbulence over the operation field. The square OP-theatres (6,40 m x 6,40 m centre distance) have only one door and one wall installed. All operation suites have the same standard and a high flexibility in OP-management.