Construction demo

Prefabricated Housing and Buildings

MCC Group achieves to:

  • Build in “laboratory condition” according to the planning and design
  • Fabricate beforehand.
  • Construct in standardised sections for shipment and quick assembly on ready site

Home Type

The production line includes:

  • Panels
  • Conveyor Skeletons and column
  • Doors and windows
  • Roof and roof structures inc. isolation
  • Sanitation items and installation
  • El items and installation

Panels 80mm

  • Wall dimension/thickness – 1250x2500x100mm
  • Exterior Surface – 10x1250x2500mm wooden textured fiber cement board
  • Insulation – 60mm expanded polystyrene foam (EPS)
  • Interior Surface – 10x1250x2500mm fiber cement board

Conveyor Skeletons and Column

It consists of galvanized H profiled columns and truss of galvanized steel sheet which are manufactured in the roll forming line. Wall Connection element consists of natural galvanized H profile.

Roof incl. isolation

  • 0,45 mm thick, 27 mmx200 mm roll depth unpainted galvanized trapezoidal sectioned steel sheet (black sponge is used for the insulation at bottom of the eave and ridge)
  • 6 mm fiber cement board ceiling material is connected by using galvanized sheet omega
  • Insulation of 80 mm mattress glass wool on the fiber cement