Mobile Hospitals

MCC has executed mobile hospital projects in over 15 countries throughout the world, focusing on helping armies and governments deal with the following challenges:Natural disasters, Tsunami / Floods, Earthquakes, Population displacement, Disease Control, Peacekeeping, Anti-terror, Demonstrations

We believe, and our customers have agreed, that a mobile hospital should be totally independent and that the vital units should be able to operate as a stand-alone unit at the scene of a disaster or emergency before the other support units arrive. The expandable units should be deployable and ready for use within 2 minutes for opening and another 10 minutes for starting full operation.

MCC focuses on the most fundamental conditions to ensure effective operation of our mobile hospitals:

  • Speed of deployment
  • Overcoming obstacles (physical and logistical) in the deployment area
  • Durability during transportation, unloading and general use
  • Independency of vital units during first minutes following disaster / warfare
  • Level of human engineering
  • Natural disasters and emergencies: they’re a staple of life in today’s world and the consequences are always catastrophic. Hundreds of thousands of lives are frequently lost, and the need for high quality, safe medical care quickly becomes the primary concern. The solution is mobile hospital construction, and MCC Group can help.

    Why Mobile Hospitals Matter

    Mobile hospitals are an integral component of health care. . Because these medical units and field hospitals can be put together quickly and deployed with a greater level of flexibility, improved access to care and better health outcomes are always the result.

    Offering an improved way of responding to an emergency, entire communities can benefit from a mobile hospital, and emergency management teams have an additional option on the table, providing an advanced level of healthcare for extended periods of time. Mobile hospitals are essential in planning for increasingly common.MCC Group is the place to turn to when you need to develop a mobile hospital to meet your needs.

    A History of Mobile Hospital Construction with MCC Group

    MCC Group has built mobile hospital units in more than fifteen countries throughout the world. From field hospitals for military units and governments, to healthcare provision during natural disasters like tsunamis, floods earthquakes and pandemics. We have the experience necessary to help you deal with your next big challenge, no matter what it is.

    The Difference MCC Group Can Make

    Our field hospitals and mobile units are total independent, self-sufficient creations. Every vital unit can operate as a stand-alone at the scene of a disaster or emergency before any other support unit arrives. Every one of our expandable units can be deployed and ready for use in minutes. We focus on the most fundamental conditions to ensure effective operations including speed of deployment, physical and logistical obstacles, and durability. Our innovative mobile healthcare solutions offer you a product that’s ready for use no matter what you’re facing.

    We Offer Flexible Options

    Not every field hospital or mobile unit need is the same, so we’ve designed products to specifically fit your needs. Take a look at just a few of the mobile and field hospital options we offer.

  • Radiology (Including X-Ray, Mobile CT Scan, And Mobile MRI)
  • Pharmacy (Hospital and Retail)
  • Laboratory or Clean Room
  • Hospital Complex
  • Casualty Incident Trailer
  • Battlefield Units
  • Dialysis Solutions
  • General and Trauma Surgery
  • Vaccination units
  • Testing facilities
  • Isolation units

  • Mobile hospital construction is just part of who we are, so no matter what design you have in mind or what needs must be met, MCC Group is here to help.

    Making the MCC Group Choice

    No matter what type of mobile hospital facility you need, MCC Group is the way to move forward as you futureproof your disaster recovery programme. Everything we build is held to the highest manufacturing standards possible. High quality doesn’t always equal fast turnaround times, but with MCC Group, it does. Your project can be designed and created in a matter of weeks, not years. More than that, though, we understand that every project and need is different, so we offer a customised design service to meet the needs of each and every one of our customers. Our in-house professional research and development team means access to the latest innovations in mobile medical technology and ideas that you may have never considered. Our team leaders offer you after-sale service, too, so you get the training and help you need both before and after the process is complete.

    MCC Group is the way to move forward in the world of mobile hospitals. We will be with you every step of the way. To learn more about how we can help with your project, please contact us today and access the latest in mobile medical technology to help you deal with what’s coming tomorrow.