Mobile Hospitals

MCC has executed mobile hospital projects in over 15 countries throughout the world, focusing on helping armies and governments deal with the following challenges:Natural disasters, Tsunami / Floods, Earthquakes, Population displacement, Disease Control, Peacekeeping, Anti-terror, Demonstrations

We believe, and our customers have agreed, that a mobile hospital should be totally independent and that the vital units should be able to operate as a stand-alone unit at the scene of a disaster or emergency before the other support units arrive. The expandable units should be deployable and ready for use within 2 minutes for opening and another 10 minutes for starting full operation.

MCC focuses on the most fundamental conditions to ensure effective operation of our mobile hospitals:

  • Speed of deployment
  • Overcoming obstacles (physical and logistical) in the deployment area
  • Durability during transportation, unloading and general use
  • Independency of vital units during first minutes following disaster / warfare
  • Level of human engineering