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Prefabricated Construction

MCC Group’s prefabricated construction solutions benefit high production speed, ease of transportation and simple assembly advantage through the use of high technology and quality products. Practical and flexible designs are offered by MCC Group fulfilling all mobility criteria and providing for versatile use under extreme weather conditions.

MCC Group’s prefabricated buildings are either one storey or two storey structures and supply necessary accommodation utilities for every condition. They are economical and may be produced very quickly according to clients’ needs.

MCC Group’s prefabricated building technologies are adapted for versatile needs such as site buildings, offices, social compounds, military camps, petrol and gas sites, residences, dormitories, cafeterias, wc-shower units, earthquake (disaster) houses, refugee housings, prisons and guard houses.

MCC Group’s designers incorporate modern designs and innovative high technology into the prefabricated houses. The inhabitants of such houses will thus experience a high degree of function and comfort.

  • Environmental

    MCC Group also offers a variety of the use of “green” materials in the construction of these prefabricated houses. Consumers can easily select between different environmentally friendly finishes and wall systems.

    MCC Group’s prefabricated houses are tailored to the client’s specific needs, location and climate conditions, making prefab homes much more flexible, modern and environment friendly than before.

  • Energy Efficient

    MCC Group’s panelised home building systems offer the most favorable benefits of prefabricated construction. MCC Group takes advantage of time-tested building methods and uses modern technology to deliver customizable, energy efficient, beautiful new homes. MCC Group’s prefabricated buildings are produced in a climate-controlled facility, thus taking advantage of speed of manufacture and concomitant cost savings.

    MCC Group’s design team takes the utmost care with each project, with due consideration given to specific climactic conditions.

  • Structural Safety

    MCC Group’s prefabricated buildings are produced in accordance with the suitability of the building for intended usage, and the  relevant seismic and static calculations of each region. Each project is analysed by computer programmes, using location specific load values.

    Regardless of the specific locations, minimum loads used for calculations are 80 kg/m² for snow load and 1st degree of seismic region which corresponds to earthquake parameters of A0=0.40 I=1 n= 0.3 and 200 kg/m2 as dynamic loading and 400 kg/m2 as static loading. A minimum of 90 kg/m² is accepted as lateral wind load. Generally, Sap 2000 is utilized as computer program for matrix calculations.

  • Design

    Each project has its own characteristics and potential trouble spots. MCC Group is able to offer clients from a variety of designs from its databanks.

    However, the more MCC Group is able to understand the specific needs of its clients, the more it is able to develop new designs that more closely meet the clients’ requirements.

  • Economical

    MCC Group utilises CAD / CAM solutions in all phases of production. Our prefabricated buildings are connected by bolts and nuts, and can be removed and reassembled repeatedly elsewhere.

    All of the steel columns and beams of the supporting system are manufactured by using high technology roll-form machines, controlled by computers. MCC Group uses galvanized steel materials with a high corrosion resistivity. The walls offer a longer service duration, as they are not load-bearing. All load bearing elements’ sizes are calculated with static calculations.

    In projects where lifting equipment is a scarce resource, all parts of the prefabricated building are light enough to be loaded, unloaded and carried by manpower.