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Diagnostic Station Units

The Expandable Diagnostic Station Unit (DSU) is a fast way to achieve medical support and treatment in a large area. The system can be opened in about 30 minutes and can be deployed and fully operational in less than 45 minutes. During transportation the DSU is the size of 40′ container. This makes it easier to be moved and transported from one site to another.

Under deployment on site, the unit opens up to about 46 sq metres. A truck pulls the unit and when it comes to the site it can either work attached to the truck or it can separate from the truck. The unit is portable on a 40′ platform with 4 fitting corners devices.

The DSU is 12 m’ long and 2.5 m’ wide (during transport). In the deployment position the DSU achieves a width of 4.8 m’, and this enable the unit to expand to a total area of about 46 sq.m. The total weight of the DSU (without the truck) is about 6 tons.

The DSU is supplied with all the necessary medical equipment as described below, in addition to medical gas installation, air condition, generator, water purification, UPS 10kva, ground junction, 400 litre water tank, intern communication system, electrical installation and intern partition.

DSU medical equipment:

  • X-ray CR and mammography
  • Accessory and working unit
  • Chemistry analyser
  • Hematology analyser
  • Working table – Bucky
  • Medical printer
  • NIBP
  • EKG monitor
  • Pulse oxy metre
  • Urine analyser
  • Cell counter
  • Microscope
  • Centrifuge – 12 test tubes
  • Autoclave – 20 litres
  • Diagnostic ultrasound: Option 1 – colour, 3 dimension, 3 transducers; Option 2 – black and white, 2 transducers
  • Ophthalmic diagnostic unit incl. slit lamp
  • Vision testing unit
  • Auto scope – ophthalmoscope
  • Stretchers
Please note there is a lead wall around the x-ray room, “Wall to Floor” window at the x-ray room, laminar ceiling with HEPA filter in the laboratory, anti-static floor covering and HPL walls at the laboratory and x-ray area.