Specialising in the planning, design and execution of turn-key healthcare construction projects throughout the globe.

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MCC Group focuses on each client's complex development and healthcare construction needs to provide the most successful and appropriate healthcare infrastructure solution.

Our experienced team offers valuable guidance to clients and organisations on planning, and design and healthcare construction issues worldwide. MCC Group's structure is adaptable to your needs and goals, and offer specifically tailored turnkey solutions at every level of your project.

At MCC Group, our signature option is modular healthcare construction. This offers healthcare providers a choice technical and design solutions for healthcare spaces. We offer both permanent facilities and fully relocatable building solutions. No matter what your needs, modular construction means fast timelines, controlled costs, and flexible solutions designed to meet your needs and those of your patients.

Selecting MCC Group for our modular construction services means you have the ability to take advantage of an experienced design/build solutions for all your healthcare facility needs. Whether you're looking to build a new hospital, a hospital looking to quickly expand, an urgent care facility hoping to serve more patients, or a primary care clinic, we can help. As an experienced partner, we understand the relationship between clinical provision, patient flow and general design requirements for a facility like yours, meaning we know how to balance costs with time, while developing a modular solution, customised to meet your specific requirements.

Why MCC Group?

For decades, we've been providing building solutions to the healthcare industry. From planning and design, to construction and quipping of modular healthcare facilities, we provide our clients with exceptional value and complete satisfaction. MCC Group believes high standards of quality, fast construction times and cost-effective solutions provides the best value for our customers. No matter your project, we are there to help get the job done. With extensive healthcare and design capabilities, we're able to create efficient, economical modular healthcare layouts that are incredibly functional and look fantastic. Our turnkey service mean you get a complete team at your disposal for all your healthcare planning, design, and construction and equipping needs, particularly when you need to complete your modular project in a short space of time. We'll handle everything from start to finish ensuring you're serving your patients faster.

Ready to Begin Designing? Consider MCC Group Now

The healthcare industry is growing faster than ever, and medical facilities across the world are faced with immediate needs for additional space. At MCC Group, we offer a broad range of turnkey solutions for a variety of types of healthcare facilities. Whether you’re searching for increased capacity, a new build hospital or flexible modular healthcare clinic space, we can create the design you need and handle the construction quickly and efficiently.

You won’t accept anything less than the best for your patients, and we won’t accept anything less than the highest standard of quality for our clients. We’re here to design and build your next facility as quickly and financially efficient as possible. A leading healthcare construction contractor, we offer permanent results that mean a chance to do so much more for your patients.

Explore our Modular Healthcare Solutions

The increased popularity of modular healthcare construction certainly isn’t new. In fact, the need for permanent, temporary and flexible healthcare building solutions has been a key concern in the industry for several years. The reality is that modular is the future of healthcare construction, and it offers a number of opportunities over traditional construction. All of our options are manufactured off-site in a carefully controlled environment, and designed to your specification. Whether you need a solution for your hospital, or you a micro-clinic in a remote location, modular healthcare construction is the answer. From new construction projects to a remodel, you’ll work closely with our design department to create the facility you need most. We’ll design and manufacture all components, and then install on site, and equip it so you can be up and running, meeting patient needs, in a matter of days after the project is complete. Modular construction not only delivers on quality, but offers a long-term cost effective solution, enabling you to budget for more. In almost all cases you get a higher specification that traditional healthcare construction, without the extended time frame and additional constraints of budget. If you think modular healthcare construction options might be right for your upcoming project, please contact us today.



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